Security policies are coherent security standards for everyone involved in the organization and set the foundation for sound security implementation. These policies act as a guide for the entire organization to know what is to be protected and how it will be protected. Going ahead with the implementation and operation of any security solution without appropriate policies, standards, and procedures may cause inaccurate and ineffective security controls and higher risks. Based on our information security expertise, in-depth knowledge of industry practices, awareness of regulatory requirements, and experience in reviewing and developing security policies and procedures for many organizations, we have formulated a methodical approach that ensures clarity, consistency, completeness, and organization of the developed policies and procedures, to ascertain that all business and IT control requirements are met. We follow international standards such as ISO 27001, COBIT, etc. for developing corporate Information Security Policy.


Business Continuity Management or BCM, is a process that ensures the resilience of the businesses to any incident, continuity of services to key customers, and protection of the brand and organizational reputation. It provides ongoing management and governance process supported by senior management to ensure that the crucial steps are taken to identify the potential losses, maintain viable and timely recovery strategy, ensure continuity of products/services, and provide a basis for planning to ensure the organization’s long-term survivability following a disruptive event. The Business Continuity Planning provides detailed procedures to facilitate continuity of business operations while the Disaster Recovery Planning facilitates the resumption of IT capabilities at an alternate site. We use industry standards and guidelines for Business Continuity Management such as NIST and ISO 22301:2019. We develop Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans that are clear, concise, and customized to the needs of the organization’s business, incorporating international standards, guidelines, and frameworks.


The purpose of Information Risk Management is to mitigate the risk through the creation of comprehensive policies, procedures, and implementation of technology that reduces the threat of cyber-attacks from vulnerabilities, poor data security, and third-party vendors. Data breaches have a massive, negative business impact and often arise from insufficiently protected data. STRYVVE can help how you can think about and manage your cyber risk from an internal and external perspective to protect your most sensitive information. We facilitate providing an association between Information Assets and corresponding threats to find risks associated with each Information Asset. We simplify and target the risk assessment and risk management processes to provide the organization with a flexible tool to assist in monitoring and evaluating information risks in a systematic and structured way. We develop Information Risk Management Framework based on the international standards and best practice guidelines.


The Information Security Baseline Review and Gap Analysis is a means of employing a standardized approach to review and measure the information security posture of an organization. The Information Security Gap Analysis is required to identify gaps and provide recommendations for developing an information security program, so it will successfully protect information against loss of Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability. It further determines the current information security posture to establish the roadmap upon which a successful Information Security strategy can be built. STRYVVE offers this service for assessment, evaluation, and review of an organization’s information security program to:

  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current information security environment.
  • Identify the overall current security posture and identify areas that require immediate attention.
  • Provide assessment of the information security maturity level within the organization.
  • Propose a target maturity ranking for the organizations.
  • Provide a basis for the development of an Information Security Strategy that is aligned with technology and business requirements.
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