Data Advisory

Stryvve’s analytics advisory and consulting services are focused on the operationalization of your business value. Our approach is to understand your business requirements and help you achieve transformation through design thinking, architecture analysis, effective data roadmap, robust data strategy, and a well-evaluated data platform


With the rapid growth in technology and innovation terms like data monetization, cloud migration, real-time analytics, mobility, and self-service analytics the need to re-look your company’s current BI platform has become crucial. Stryvve Analytics advisory helps our customers in several ways which include, product selection, data dependencies, evaluating data and its sources, business use cases, stakeholder's requirements, and benchmarking.

Architecture Analysis

With the help of comprehensive analytics solution architecture, Stryvve’s analytics team is keen on building integrated BI solutions using data marts & data lake, data transformation techniques, semantic models, data security & governance, access controls & authorizations, and finally striking visualization.

Product Evaluation

The presence of too many platforms becomes quite confusing in the product selection for your requirement. Stryvve team helps you to select the right product for your analytics requirements and provide the right solution through our in-depth experience with many products, the relevant use cases, and a proven framework for evaluation.

Analytics Roadmap

With the constant change in the data & its sources, Analytics become a constantly evolving phenomenon. Therefore, the need to evaluate several considerations for creating an effective implementation roadmap has become crucial. These considerations may include the licensing costs, end of life, data retention, cloud capabilities, user training, skills availability, scalability, and the total cost of ownership among several others.

Bigdata Consulting

Storage of large data sets in real-time and analyzing them to uncover hidden patterns and useful insights is a vital part of Big Data services. Stryvve's Big Data team is diligent to work with all stages to explore your big data journey, starting from the development of seamless strategy, building a roadmap, and evaluating the Bigdata platform for its integration, customization, implementation, and managed services.

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