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Tired of the endless efforts required to manage your organization’s diversified application landscape? Stryvve Pakistan Managed Services team is a dedicated IT support professional with the expertise to manage your entire application framework. Our unique style and unconventional approach to maintenance, by developing a customer-centric support infrastructure based on progress and goals. This results in the transformation of the operational model to achieve lower TCO’s with better quality.

By giving a genuine support framework we assist our customers to constantly improve their IT operations and reduce TCO with technical support, administrative maintenance, education & training, health checks & assessments, and critical period coverage. In contrast to the conventional processes of Managed Services which only focus on keeping the “lights on”, Stryvve Pakistan’s Progressive and goal-oriented framework help businesses to build & transform, rationalized portfolios, to better serve their stakeholders. Let us take you on a journey through our core managed service offerings which can result in improving your overall user experience and achieving a robust application install base.


SAP Project Management
SAP Service Delivery Management
SAP Application Managed Services (AMS)
SAP Business Continuity Planning

SAP Remote Managed Services
SAP Security
SAP Resource Outsourcing
SAP Maintenance Support

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    Stryvve Global is a management consulting and training platform that provides workshops for personality development, consultancy for organizational changes, and trainings for business and technical skill enhancement.


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